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The Custom Reef acclimation pod is a product we are very proud of. The original and first large fish acclimation vessel on the market.

There has since been many copies of the concept.

The pod is designed to aid your new fish in the introduction to your tank, once temperature and drip acclimated your new fish can be put in the pod to settle in its' new environment stress free.

We noticed that many marine species become territorial and can attack new tank mates, particularly those of the same genus or colour; so that's where the pod comes in.

Install your pod in you aquarium, it is adjustable for both width and height in the water, then put your new fish into the pod.

The new fish is now safe from harm and stress free. As we know stress is a major killer of marine species and if we can eliminate some of this then you'll have happier, healthier fish.

Once in the pod you can check on the fishes health and feeding habits. Being able  to remove an unhealthy fish that seemed fine in the shop easily, without tearing your tank apart to catch it .

Also during this time the new fish is getting used to your tanks water parameters.


Fish can stay in the pod for up to two weeks giving them plenty of time for the transition to your tank.


Once acclimatised just open the sliding door on the front of pod for a calm release into your tank, no need for nets!


The sharp eyed among us will have noticed a slot in the pod at the right hand end; this is for a mirror and some other equipment (soon to be public) to use the pod as a FISH TRAP.

Fish trap kits will soon be available.

Acclimation pods are available to buy on our online shop now.


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