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New Generation LED Light Panel for Aquariums.

The long awaited Kessil AP700 has arrived and combines class leading power with built in WiFi and infinite colour control by way of the app with on screen colour wheel. Specially designed optics allow light spread of up to 48 inches by 24 inches, meaning only one panel will be needed to light many aquariums, not the usual 2 or 3. iPad, iPhone and Android compatibility allows for easy yet specific programming of cloud cover, storms, dimming and of course the dense matrix array to guarantee popping coral colours.


  • Beautiful Shimmer
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Full-Spectrum Light
  • Superior Color Mixing
  • Unrivaled Penetration
  • Proprietary UV Blend
  • Compact Design
  • Full Color Control
  • Hybrid Optics

WiFi Base Station

  • Built in WiFi
  • iPad App
  • Acclimation Mode
  • Lunar Cycles
  • Weather Effects


Power Consumption 


Unit Weight 

4.81 lb / 2.18kg


 L 20" x W 6.4" x H 1.5" (51cm x 16cm x 4cm)

Single Package Weight

 9.9 lb / 4.49kg

Single Package Dimensions

 L 22.4" x W 12.8" x H 2.6"  (57cm x 32cm x 7cm)

Power Supply

 100-240V AC (input) 48V DC (output)


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