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The Theiling Rollermat Compact allows the aquarist to achieve crystal clear water by removing waste particles from the aquarium water, thus relieving the demands on biological filtration and Protein Skimmers.The Theiling Rollermat Compact acts as a replacement for a filter bag/sock and, in turn, reduces maintenance.Specifications:

  • For Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
  • In Sump Stand or internal hang on sump
  • Aquarium volume up to 700 litres
  • Maximum gravity fed flow – 2000litres
  • Automatic winding of the fleece using a float switch and a safety overflow
  • Roll is 10cm wide and 50 Micron and comes in a 20m length. The average roll usage will be 2-3 months depending on waste production
  • Dimensions – 30cm wide x 22cm deep x 52cm high with base


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