Conical body made of cast acrylic. Uniform internal flow and homogeneous thrust. Exhaust system is housed on the base to abort air bubbles emission from the exhaust. The rubber feet absorb all annoying vibrations.

Internal level adjustment is carried out through a screw valve. Silencer is complete of adjustment screw to set the maximum amount air intake. Easy adjustment, stable and accurate.

Internal pump design is the most compact you could want for your aquarium. Skimming pump model SICCE PSK is designed to produce best air and water emulsion through a needle wheel. The opposed curved profile venturi enhance low power consumption and is virtually maintenance-free.

Skimmers water intake is direct, so it is not necessary to use a charge pump. This solution significantly reduces power consumption and maintenance time. Shaped diffusion cup improves separation of air and water ensure excellent stability even at the first start.

Collection cup and internal neck feature a "Easy Flip" lip seals for a firm grip and easy extraction. The neck of the cup can be removed for easy cleaning.

All screws are made of TITANIUM, machined from solid. To give our best even in smaller components.

For Aquariums from 400 to 700 litres.

Technical data

To be installed in sump Water level 18-22 mm (7-8.6“)
Skimming pump PSK 1000 

Power supply

Standard 230-240V 50Hz 
On request 110-120V 60Hz


Air intake ~ 700-800 lit/h 
Water intake ~ 1400 lit/h 
Power consumption ~ 25 W


Base plate 19x25 cm (7.5x9.8”)
Height 56 cm (22”)
Cup removals 58 cm (22.8”)