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Custom reef aquariums can build your aquarium to your exact specification. Our tanks and sumps are made from 100% Acrylic offering incredible strength and clarity, along with a 10-year guarantee.


Acrylic is ten times stronger than glass and 4 to 6 times lighter so the structural load on your property is less.

What really sets our aquariums apart from others is the clarity, acrylic has 94% transparency, which is virtually the same as water.

This means you see your reef tank and fish in their full natural beauty.


​We use our own brand of adhesive to build our aquariums giving them incredible strength. Once fully cured, the adhesive strength is an awesome 7000 lbs per square inch! That’s over two and a half times stronger than the acrylic itself.

There are so many options, here are just some of them: 
  • We also supply dried and frozen foods, dosing liquids,  coral foods and test kits.

  • We can give you a totally bespoke service or you can buy many goods from our on line shop.

  • Tank: size and shape

  • Sump: size, specification and colour

  • Bespoke cabinetry to suit your wishes - we can match your home furniture or build a custom piece of your choosing in any material available

  • Peninsular aquariums

  • Built-into-wall tanks

  • We professionally fit all pipework and offer a complete set-up and installation package with all our tanks

  • We can also supply all livestock to live in your new aquarium: fish,  coral,  invertebrates and live rock.

  • Maintainence programmes to fit your aquarium, life, business and budget.

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