2018 saw the first aqua expo which was held at AQUADEPOT in park royal, London.

The aqua expo was organised by Micheal Aarons of youtubes AARONS AQUARIUM and Ryan the owner of aquadepot.

Custom Reef were commissioned to build an infinity aquarium to be see at the show and can still be seen at aquadepot today.

It is a custom five foot by three foot build with 20mm cell cast acrylic.

This is the first infinity tank to be built in the UK by a UK company.

It was a great event attended by a huge amount of hobbyists from both marine and freshwater fish keeping.

George Farmer was on hand showing his skills, professionally aquascaping several tanks.

Other famous faces were Ryan Marchant from prestige reef, Paul Williams of reef community worldwide, Nick Chan of aquarium cabinet solutions, Matt Stevenson of Seneye, Nathan Wersching from simply shrimps and many more. 

Matt of Custom Reef with Ryan Marchant.

George Farmer.

The infinity tank.

Matt with the legend Micheal Aarons.


This year the london aquarium began coral propagation and mariculture with SPS coral.

behind the scenes they will be growing thousands of coral.

Again working alongside Aquarium Connections we build many floating coral holders that will be in several grow out tanks, some as big as four metres across.


2018 has seen a bumper amount of shark pups in our shop tanks, 

over twenty banded bamboo sharks and marmalade sharks came into our care.

Most arrived still in their purses (egg) and were born healthy and feeding shark pups (babies).

it is the most amazing experience to be present when one of these little guys are born.

They have all gone on to happy homes and Custom Reef has some sharks in stock for sale most of the time. If not we will get them to order.

Why not pop in to see our fantastic livestock?